A letter to dear Husband..


Dear Husband/Room-mate,

Just to reiterate I want to remind you that I am your wife and we have been married for 5 years now.

To start with I want to say “Yes, I am a selfish wife”. I may not be as good as your mom is but I am your wedded wife who has left her family just to be with you and you can never repay that. Its not that I am demanding anything big in place of it but there is somethings I want in return.

I know things have been changed, its not the same like the time we dated. Back those days I was the top priority in your life. Talking to me used to make you forget all your worries. The smile on my face was your best moment. Holding my hand, little cuddles, a long-walk, having a ice-cream in winters, stopping the car aside just to enjoy the rain together were the magical moments we shared and I cherish them till now.


I wish those days could come back. I still want to be number one in your priority list. I know sleeping and physical intimacy is important but don’t let it be the only reason to come to our bedroom. I want you to share how your day was, what are your plans, what can I do to help you, what you expect out of me, when you have a rough day I want you to put your head on my laps so that I could cuddle you to relax your mind. Don’t you think you would feel better ?

There has been days when you came home dropped your bags, changed your clothes and went to the living room to watch T.V and had dinner watching your favorite match and when you felt tired you came to our bedroom and slept. Dear roommie, I want to know that where am I in the picture, I was there looking for a glimpse of yours, that you will look at me and smile but you were busy talking about the shares with your dad and appreciating your mother’s cooking. Is it just that to share a room makes you husband and me a wife ?

When I come from my work, I too wish to vent out my stress to someone, even I could have a rough day. But there is no one I could talk to because a daughter in law is supposed to listen to others what they have to say about their day. And even if I say its of nobody’s interest.I wait for you to come but seems like you are too busy in your own stuffs.

You were a very good boyfriend and I miss him in you. I miss the love in your eyes, that softness in your voice when you call my name, that wait you used to do outside my hostel, that smile on your face when I spoil my face eating an ice-cream, that long phone calls we used to have, that good morning message every morning.

And now its seems like your a different person altogether, not the one I knew. I still feel and I am hopeful that I could find that man in you again someday. I am hopeful that after reading this letter you would want to be the one you were again and I will be there for you always. I wish you will try.

Your wife!!




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