Black Beauty

Like every other day I was driving to work; when at one of the red lights I was distracted towards a cart pulled by a horse. He had a lustrous black hair with lean legs and fluffy tail (awww, what a beautiful horse he was). But at the same time I saw him carrying a load of double his weight 😦 .This made me feel very sad for the black beauty that even in this 21st century we are using them as a mean to carrying goods.

The owner of the cart pulled the rope that ran through his nostrils and i can imagine how painful that could be; ewww. The cars behind me starting honking as the lights turned green and I crossed the black beauty with a feeling that God please end his misery! When I almost came quite far I could see from my rear mirror how difficult was for him to move forward unlike our cars where we just make an effort to press the accelerator to go on.


Even when i reached work, I could not get rid of his big black beautiful eyes as if saying “What’s my fault to deserve this, isn’t it that God created all of us to be free and enjoy every bit of breath that has been given. Who  has given the right to humans to use us for their good ?”.

Being an animal lover I felt more miserable, but at the same time there are people who don’t feel even feel for humans, what to talk about animals! Even, while having breakfast in the cafe I discussed about the incident with my friends and what can we do for it, however not all could relate to it as I already said its just few people (including me) who feel for animals.

But what makes me disheartened was that; will there be a day when this animal abuse will come to an end in this country ? I hope it does some day!!



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