Don’t let anyone dim your Sparkle..

I used to be a studious and geeky kind of girl in my childhood. Always hooked up with the books with my spectacles glued in it. Never did I enjoyed hanging out with friends because I didn’t like what they used to laugh at. Their humor was not funny for me, as most of the time the topics on which they used to laugh were always a joke on someone. I never was interested in demeaning anyone just to have a light moment.

So, I was in my own zone with my books. Soon I realized that since I was not with them they started making fun of me instead. I lost my self-esteem, my confidence. It was later that my teachers noticed my reluctant behavior in activities. I had a one to one session with them and they made me realize how kind and genuine my thinking is, that I am a beautiful soul who feels love for everyone that I cannot stand some one being made fun of. That I am stronger than the ones who talk about others.


This immense amount of knowledge made me surprised about myself. Never did I realize that I own a strong character with a gentle heart. Ever since I was thinking so little about myself that I may be wrong that I don’t jell up among others. It was then I realized the true me.

I got to know that I am the seed that will bloom into a strong tree and I have to nourish that seed within me with wisdom.  My confidence rose to another level and I felt it was there in me hidden somewhere and I just need to dust it a little. Guys, from that very day to now I have been growing day be day. Its just a click of thought process that decides what you will do in your life. Its just to get out of your shell to bloom and show what you have got. I excelled in my academics and other activities. I never thought much about my looks. Nobody saw the sparkle in my eyes behind my spectacles. But I started feeling good about myself and this made other too to think the same about me.

I realized that how you treat yourselves makes a standard for others to rate you. If you don’t think good about yourself do not expect the others to think the same for you also. First value yourself to make a point in others life. Feel beautiful, strong, confident, attractive, bold, sexy, warm hearted and the world will give the same adjectives in your introduction. And I can vouch for it as my own life has transformed just by doing so.


There is so much to explore in life, first explore your own self. Know who you are, what you want in life, what makes you happy. Live life life like no one is judging. Leave those negative people out of your life that destroys your inner peace. Do not belittle yourself in front of anyone, say your point as firm as you can, agree to disagree, learn to say “NO”, make good friends, flirt, dance like no one’s watching, love others, do not prick anyone whose hurt empathize him instead if he wants; otherwise leave him alone, express yourself do not hide your emotions, be honest, focus on good in others instead of looking for flaws.

Above all keep calm and stay positive and positivity will flow towards you….

Keep rocking girl \m/



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