From a daughter to a daughter-in-law


I was the first child in the family, so it is comprehensive how pampered I would have been throughout my childhood. I also remember when I was three, there came a small baby with green eyes to our home from the hospital and I screamed to everyone with joy that mommy has brought a brother for me from a foreign country and he is very expensive as he had green eyes, because no one in the entire family had it.

I fluctuated between care and jealousy at the same time, for my brother as I loved him as a companion and but he was getting all the attention which I used to enjoy for all these years. When nobody was around him I cared for him as no one could do better but when mommy comes near I turned my head as I could not stand my mommy loving him more than me. As time passed by this sibling rivalry ended, and we became best buddies. We used to have fun together and  get scolded together. I was elder to him but I realized that he has started taking care of me as a brothers do. He grew taller than me, had a built of a grown man. I felt protective when he was around.

Our neighbors used to say “itna sir na chadao, kal ko shadi hogi toh kaun uthayega iske nakhre!!”  I never understood why these people have to poke in other’s life and comment as if we are just waiting for their advice. My mom was a teacher, she used to go work in the morning and come back in the evening. Along with the work she beautifully managed home as well. I admire her for her management skills. Also we had a disciplined childhood we knew the value of time, things and relationships.


When I started my college I met my husband, after dating for like 10 years we got married with our parent’s blessings. It has been two and a half year since I have been married, two and a half year that I have been living with a new family I have never known before. And suddenly this new family has become my everything. Sometimes I realize why do daughters live nearly 25 years of their life with people whom they have to leave one day.  And why do they pamper us so much so that no one can ever replace them. But still we have to leave them to run someone else’s dynasty. Its not that I didn’t want to get married, offcouse I did but along with it comes so much of responsibilities.


Suddenly,  at the time of your seven vows as soon as your husband puts that kumkum in between the parting-line of your hair and a mangalsutra you transform from a bubbly girls to women who has so much to be responsible for and the journey starts from a daughter to a daughter-in-law.

A daughter-in-law is expected to get up early do the ritual and chores and if working then manage both the things perfectly. She is expected to dressed up well all the time even on sundays and cannot just roam around in loose pyjamas. And not forgetting to mention she needs to be a good cook too.

Somtimes, I feel that if everyone knows this would happen why would your parent’s send you away from them to do all these stuff. I feel like calling my mom that I have had enough and I just want to come back. But soon I realized that she has also been doing this all her life with so much grace and that there has been not a single day that she has taken rest from her responsibilities.

It was then that I realized that this is part of life and this is what you are here for to give to world the best you could. I think now its my time to prove that I am her daughter and follow her footsteps. Wish me luck!!!






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