Too Good to be True…


From the very beginning I was raised (I am sure every one’s also must have been) with the inculcation of good manners, etiquette and respect for everyone.  From a greeting (namaste) to touching feet of elders is the essence of our culture. It is assumed if you do not greet to an elder in the first place you are considered ill mannered and who gets the blame of it, its not you its your parents. But everybody knows the fact that parents never teach wrong things. Especially mothers, she spends her entire life in raising her kid right.

However, its upto the kid how much he has grasped things from their parents by listening to what they teach and what they themselves do. Talking about how a girl is raised, there comes an extra set of rules for them. How to dress, how to talk, where to go where not go, whom to talk etc. Why is it that these extra rules are meant specifically for girls. Why can’t the little butterfly learn to fly on her own with gentle care.


At the age of puberty, these rules gets hardened as if its the show time of how she has been raised. At this time, its the people who start judging a girls about her character. And in this male dominated society this blooming little girl follows what has been taught with so much grace. She tries to be like her mom; obeys everyone, starts thinking of others above everything else (even herself).

Now since she has been raised like this in environment she was exposed to, she now understands things on her own. But the society has something to offer for everything. Now when she has built an individuality and mindset of her own about things, she is reckoned even on that. Even if she behaves like a lady all the time with every person she meets like she was supposed to, or what she was taught and what the society expected, she is judged too good to be true.

Isn’t she a girl who this society wanted to be a women of a substance, a giver, benevolent, warm hearted and willing to please. So now why is it that the society needs to raise their eyebrows on what she has grown up into. Why is it that they seek for one little chance to talk about what she is not good in. Don’t they need to look at themselves in the first place before judging her. Nobody is perfect, that girls must have had some  dreams which she didn’t even speak up. Every decision of her life whether from which school to get education from, how much and how far could she go to get her degree, whether she could work or not and lastly which guy to marry has been done by others. Isn’t that enough !!!

I am not saying that the society is a villain all the time even in this period. Its changing and started accepting both the genders almost equal (I said almost; not totally 😛 ). These little butterflies are trying their best to fly high. Some like Saina Nehwal, Kalpana Chawla, Nita Ambani, Barkha Dutt, Kiren Bedi etc have a deep influence in the society. They have proved themselves no less than anyone yet are so dignified like a lady should be. Every women aspire to make a difference, even a homemaker has the toughest job (24X7; 365 days). She makes a four walled house to a home, nurtures the kids make things easy for other around.

Its now time for the society to change a little more and shift their focus from judging to encouraging them and make this place a better place for her !!!!!.

Pretty Smiling Girl


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