A note to self..


The day when we are born, the first thing done to us is a pat on our back to make us cry (so that our lungs starts functioning). We open our tiny little  eyes from a 9 month sleep and see the world for the first time. People say a new born baby could sense her mother from her touch and smell. I think its just because the neonate was within her body for so long. And from the mother’s perspective we can imagine how immensely she was waiting for this day to come.

But do you think the baby would know who his mother and father are unless he is told ? The baby is born like a clean slate, ready to make memories from his experiences. In fact, the baby does not even have a name/sir name, language, caste, religion, nationality of its own. He is given all that the time he is born as a legacy and he has to accept it the way it comes. So for now we know that the baby has been baptized and the learning process of the unknown world has begun for this little soul.

As I already said the baby is like a  clean slate with a lot of capacity to absorb things around him. He soon starts to catch the language spoken around him, he starts to recognize people around him. He is a bundle of extreme energy who has to learn so much in his life and the process happens day by day. Soon, the child starts questioning his parents about the things around him and that is the time when either the parents encourage the child’s ability to see things in a different perspective or they shoo him away considering it a stupid question out of his scope.

Biblical Scene

We are born with a power of imagination, inquisitive nature, ready to try out things even if we get hurt. The battery of a child is always full. But what happens later as we grow? The energy within us seems to get diminished, we loose interest to even question things and accept as told to us. We do things according to others expectations. We think we are living a great life when everyone around us is happy with us and accepts us. And to maintain that is the sole aim of our lives so we continue to do things we did to please others.

But do you think this is the right definition of a great life and are you happy with it? Just imagine the day you stop doing the things you do in your routine for others, Will they still be liking you? You got the answer !!

You have been doing from the day your born what others had expected out of you. I am not saying it is wrong, but where are “YOU” in it. This vicious cycle will go on, you soon be making babies and would be doing this for your children, planning about their future: their school, college subjects, job, spouse and may be their children’s names too if you get lucky to live by that time. 😛

So by now you know, that you have dropped many of your dreams, ideas, imaginations, queries just to fit in with the flow. So what now ? offcouse you cannot change the past but its not too late. God has bestowed you with immense power and wisdom, it is deep inside you. YOU just have to take it out from there. Have conversation with yourself what was that you always wanted to do and just go for it.

I personally have so many things hidden within me that I never realized but reading books took it out of me. I never thought I could write a single line but i wrote 600 words by now. (may be meaningless for you, but not for me). Where is it coming from ? It is my deepest thoughts which I overlooked and didn’t  feel the importance.


YOU are source of energy that has the ability to achieve what you want. Go find YOURSELF within YOU!!! and listen to what it says. In this journey of life do not forget your inner voice. It is always there whispering in your ears, guiding you when you go wrong, appreciates you when you do something right when no one was watching (because you have that smile of contentment when you helped a needy), always warns you when you lie (it makes your heart pumps faster).


Call it inner voice, instinct, conscious,  gut feeling its all the same. Try to listen to what it says and don’t let the noise of the others dull that sound.

Your Soul 🙂




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