The Fault in our Stars..

It is said that each one of us is born with a wheel of fortune. And we will be given nothing more or less than what we deserve. The moment we are born, the positions of the planets and the stars at that time will decide our fate in life. There are 12 astrological sun & moon signs and out of them we are labeled with one of the sign for the rest of our life depending on the time frame we are born. And we are categorized in groups in those 12 signs in terms for our overall personality.

Now the best part is when our parents prepare a “kundli” through someone who can foresee our future by looking at the star’s whereabouts. He has the ability to tell the parents about the fate of the child at the time the baby hasn’t even realized how to hold his pee. 😛 The very name of the baby is the decision of the star’s inclination. And along with it comes various kind of religious poojas required according to the celestial bodies doldrums.

By the time the baby could realize his likes and dislikes, he is already instructed to choose his future based upon the star’s mood. People often go and ask from the fortune tellers which subjects are good for him, which career to opt , which job or business to select, which spouse to choose, which date to tie the knot, their offspring’s name and the circle goes on, all according to the nakshatras.

Well, I can understand the fact that everything around us is connected to one another and the universe has a significant impact on each on of us. But does it mean that we are just puppets dancing on the tunes of a pre-planned show. If that is the case, then:

1.Why do people born on the same date, falling in the same zodiac sign so opposite to one another ?

2.Why do people fail in their careers ? Are they meant to fail ?

3. Why do couples tend to divorce even after selecting each other according to their kundlis?

Just for a second, imagine that the creator has made us and sent us on this earth, what fun would it be for him to watch down on us if he has already forethought the drama. The architect has made  us as a magnificent piece of art with the potential to move mountains. Why wouldn’t he let us use what is gifted to us by him ?

We have the power to impact things around us by our aura rather than getting affected. It banks on us whether to let any other thing control our life or making up our reasoning to take the responsibility of our actions.

We need to understand that it is not meant for us to know the future, for so we will not be living in the present and will worry about the things which has not even happened. Why to blame at the stars for any happening occurred in your life. As far as I know a star is”any one of the objects in space that are made of burning gas and that look like points of light in the night sky”  and they do have a life span.

How would a burning gas of light decide which girl or boy will make your life better ? 

How can it predict whether you could be an IAS officer, if you don’t work hard for it ?

How can it decide whether you could have a chance to visit a foreign country ?

The need of the hour is to get out of the boundaries of this thought process of getting influenced by other things and rather focus on the potential of what we can achieve with the life we have got. Rather than depending on the external elements rely upon your instincts and use your energy in a positive way.


Nobody on this earth can stop you from doing what you want; be it good or bad. So, its up to you how to use your gift. Let the star within you shine bright and let no one dim your sparkle.

And for God’s sake understand that there is:



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