A beautiful face or a beautiful heart. Whats your pick?


It is de facto that”Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But more important is what we want to focus on, is it the outer appearance or the genuineness inside ?

Another undoubted fact is that a pretty thing catches our sight in less than a second. Be it a bright blooming flower in the garden or a black shinny horse in a polo match or a unique lamp shade or a “pretty face”.

Every beautiful piece of art is meant to be appreciated, I completely agree with it.We call them as created with special care and superfluous time. But is it just those pretty faces who’s gonna take away all the limelight always. In fact, these pretty people sometimes gets misjudged of their talents because their  looks overpowers their flair.

In the short term achievements these appealing folks do take advantage over the others as they are more vocal, expressive and know how to get their work done either by hook or crook. These people are considered smart asses and have many followers. They are the sweet pies of their bosses because they save them from the difficult circumstances from their wittiness. They have a win-win situations everywhere as they are getting what they want.

Honestly, I sometimes too want to be somewhat like them, because in the end who doesn’t want to be the cheery on the top, always be a killer in the crisis. Witty enough to not let anyone stand in front of you !!

But, the question is how far could you go by being so mean in life with others ?

We all know someone who is so good at these skills must possibly be a crooked personality and killer looks spices it up. I am not say all of these people are mean, but somehow they are because they must be stepping on someone to get somewhere….. (I know  in today’s world everybody is doing the same thing)

But in the end of the day, are they in peace with what they  do. Even if a thought comes by saying its wrong they fling it away thinking that they don’t have an option. Sooner or later people like them do get exposed and they are left with no one who could trust them. These short term winnings are very small in front of th long term trust that a person with a good heart can offer.


Eventually, its the peace of mind that matters the most. Because people will come and go and your whole life will be spent pleasing them but still you will find something missing always. Because you had been playing with people all your life and then when you pause to look around, your life just looks like a playground with nobody still to hold your hand.

Its good to be ambitious and I am too. But I always remembered this thing in my mind that everything what goes comes around and its the karma which plays its game better than no one. Be it home or workplace do your best but never try to put down anyone. A good heart will never fall down and always remember:

One day a beautiful face can fade away but a beautiful heart will never…….



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