Love ‘then’ and ‘now’. A short story

She met her prince charming when she was around 17. I know that’s not the age when you could make a big decision for your whole life. Neither did she,  they just met and her first impression of him was that he might only want to have a good time with her company. She felt so because he was damn good looking with sleek masculine body: abs and huge biceps,  a fair complexion and an American accent as he had just returned from States.

They met through common friends,  she thought of him as a hot guy with flirty essence.  She had just passed her high school with not many guys around, as she was a geek back then: always glued to her books with not even a single thought ever in her wildest dreams that a handsome guy like him will ever be interested in her.

But he was, which made her feel even more suspicious about his intentions. The way he used to call her name left her with goosebumps all the time,  She had never felt this way before ever. Their name’s initials were common so she used to make a heart in between their letters at the back of her note book during her classes just to see whether it would look good if by any chance in future she would want to make a tattoo of it.  😛

He said it was love at first sight for him but for her, it started gradually because it took her a lot of time to actually believe that this is real and will last forever. She liked everything about him but never said it.  She was a very practical person back then and didn’t want to make him believe that he has an important place in her heart and that she would be shattered if he leaves her. So she disguised her feelings for a very long time so that even he knows that she would be strong and okay if it doesn’t works.

She made herself prepared that at any time they could feel that they are not fit for each other because ‘Love’ is just a fantasy, a fairy tale taught in books and there is nothing real about it. And also how could such a good looking guy be happy in being with a tumid girl like her.

But soon as time passed by she saw the amiable and shy nature of him beneath that tough exterior.  He was such a nice person with etiquette, respect, generosity and a good heart which made her fall for him even more and it was evident through her eyes by then.They started dating each other; met everyday after college and talked about how the day was; celebrated their love with little gifts to make each other special; and when they were not together they used to talk on the phone for hours. Love was in the air and nothing else seemed important for them than these small gestures for one another, not even food and shower. 😛

Both did their post graduation, and she said ‘YES‘ when he asked her the big question.They tied the knot in a very simple way with not much hustle for the family which raised many eyebrows. Everything was perfect for her, getting married to the one she never imagined  was a dream come true. Nothing could be better than this. What next ?

She was so happy to be with him that even the separation from her family seemed less painful for her. They lived happily with their careers budding along, he started his business for which he was very passionate and she worked in a company. Both of them had a busy schedule, they used to get up at 5.30 am and went to gym together, then with their packed tiffins went to their respective work. Most of their time was spent out and in traveling that they could hardly take out time to talk or chit-chat in-between the day. Her targets were high, she was very good at her work that she was given even bigger responsibilities and she wanted to grab them all to prove herself like an ambitious girl and it was her dream. After her work she used to reach home late in the evening and an hour later he used to arrive.

By the time he’s home, she used to be in the kitchen to lovingly prepare supper for them, as she felt at least one time of the meal should to be well fed and both of them used to eat together discussing about their day. And the next day used to follow the same. It was then suddenly after so long she started feeling the spark missed out of their life, even if she thought of quitting her job to be with him it wouldn’t suffice as he would follow the same routine and even then she will be seeing him only at the night. So, she got secluded within herself, keeping her thoughts with her and just going with the flow. At times she asked him to spend a little more time together to what her ambitious husband said, “Baby we got priorities now, Love’s not gonna fill our tummy. We are not college kids anymore’. Though, he was right, she wasn’t happy with his answer.

She started being negative about her relation, that he doesn’t love her anymore and money is his only priority. She said she wanted to go visit her mom for a while and he dropped her to her mother’s place for few days and kissed her good bye. She wasn’t happy with it, but at the same time was glad to meet her family and be home. For a day, she was relaxing and listening to her old songs and looking at all her stuffs which her mom has kept very nicely in her room. It was then her mom noticed and read her face and asked  with putting one hand on her head that whether everything is okay?

She poured her heart out as nothing is hidden from a mother for long, after listening to her, the mother gave her a piece of advise. She made her realize the difference of; Love then and love now. She said ‘Love then‘ was materialistic, things/gifts made you happy, you used to spend only some time together and making one another feel special for a while is easy and doable. ‘Love now‘ should not rely on what gift is brought on valentines day, or how much ‘I love you’ do you say to each other. You have crossed those days when love needs to be expressed to be proved to be true and showed off. Love was simple then and is simple now. Its just that you kids these days want to always do something crazy that is not done before to keep the love hormone pumping.


He was right when he said he has priorities, for whom ? You my dear.He might be having a turmoil in his life which he hides from you just to make you stay out of the stiffness. Try to look from his perspective, he chose you out of the rest of the girls. Don’t make him rethink of his choice. Look what all he does for you ‘now’ and not compare what he did back ‘then’:

  • he makes you feel his room , yours in which he was living alone all his life;
  • gets up early in the morning so that you could have time and not get late for your work;
  • helps you in the kitchen and laundry;
  • buys stuffs what you want;
  • gyms with you so that you stay fit and no other guy could hit on you anyway;
  • drops you where ever you want to go anytime;
  • lets you live your way;
  • listens to you and your office gossips even though not interested;
  • hugs/kisses you in the morning, make bed tea for you;
  • attends your family and friend’s parties;
  • skips hanging out with his guys to be with you;
  • watches daily soaps with you because you like it;
  • eats and praise whatever you make, knowing his mom makes better.

He is thinking way ahead that you cannot imagine and planning a base for you and your future. If he doesn’t do so and behaves like a college guy like before, it would be you who’s gonna kick him out of the house and say go work and do something for the family.

Things would not be same like young times, but you two would be together. Make most out of the time you have with each other rather than complaining. He must have been going through a lot and may need you with him. Be patient in the lows and humble in the highs. Its up to the girl to make a married life miserable like hell or fantastic like a fairy tale.

She listened to each word of her mother without a blink of the eye. It moved her, she understood the meaning of LOVE now. Her phone rang, he was calling her. She picked her phone, he was there saying that he can’t  find his socks. She smiled as she knew that his socks are always kept in the drawer where he keeps him and she said ‘I miss you too, honey!’.


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