Find Happiness in little things..

Before I start, I want you to pause and think of the following things:

When did the last time have you looked above at the stars for a minute, enjoyed the first rain of the monsoon, walked on the green grass, appreciated the varied colors of flowers, admired a rainbow, played fetch with your dog, heard the birds singing, felt the wind on your face, shouted at the top of your voice from a mountain, enjoyed the aroma of wet sand, smiled 🙂 at someone first, helped someone with no favor in return, prayed for someone ?

In the hustle of running after one thing or the other, these little activities have dimmed from our life. None of the above things are unrealistic and unfeasible. In fact, we had at some point of time done all these things at least once in our lifetime. And we can relate even now how good it felt when we did these stuffs and the people we did it with.


Our routine starts with making our body convince to get out of the bed and do something; somehow we manage get up: brush, piss/shit, bathe and dress up to work. We reach our destination half asleep with a sombre face especially on Mondays. Now, most of our time is spent at work and with the colleagues who mean nothing to us generally but there could be a few who become our good friends to rely on.

With them we share out thoughts and our funny sides. We often relate to one another if something comes out in common and most of the time it does because back then we all were alike-kiddish and wild. Apart from that its work, targets, pressure, meetings, presentations, gossips, leaves, appraisals etc. By the evening when we come home fully exhausted, nothing creative can be expected from the tired brain and that’s the end of the day with a good night sleep (only if you are blessed with one; lol).

This monotonous lifestyle takes away the fun part of us,  leaves us like a cyborg who is instructed to follow a set of rules. Many a times the breaks taken to rejuvenate ourselves fills us with lot of energy which is much needed and we try to take advantage of them as much as possible. But that too has a cap on it. You have to come back and start from where you left once again and the freshness helps you to kick start it a lot but just for a while.We are again dragged in the same lifestyle.

Off course making money is essential for living, we cannot fill our tummy by just admiring the nature. But just filling your tummy and your pockets should not be the sole reason of your existence. Sooner or later on the death bed of even the richest person, will the number of zeros in his bank account borrow him some happiness ?

Happiness resides in little things, like a sweet kiss on the forehead in the morning , a hug, when someone holds your hand when you are scared, when you see your baby smile at you, when your dog jumps at you when you come from work, when you see your kids achieve their goals, when some one cares for you, when you admire some one and they do the same to you and all those things what I mentioned at the very beginning. These are the things which no money can buy.


LIFE is simple, it is WE who make it complicated. The simplest and down to earth kind of folks are the most comfortable people to talk to. Its up to us what we want to be, humble and easily approachable ? or egotistical and assertive ?

Our basic nature has always been soft, amiable, kind and considerate. But we layer it with toughness in order to pretend to be strong. So that we don’t lag behind in the race. But who are we competing with ? What are we running for ? Why is it that we can’t walk hand in hand ? What fun is it to be on the top ALONE ? Aren’t we a social animal, where is the social thing gone from our nature ?

We think that we are very intelligent and grown ups but more than that we need to understand and constantly remind us that Happiness is not ready made it comes out from our own actions.