Don’t let me DOWN..

Ever since you have existed, you have been constantly growing both physically and mentally. Our cells are in homogeneously amplifying day be day. And by the time we are adults our mind has fully matured to perceive everything around us. An intellect that is different from others and makes us differentiate from good or bad.

No two person can think the same, and that is the beauty of diversity. It helps to come out with numerous ideas and alternatives to make things better. Most of the time this is always welcomed, after all we’ll be exhausted of people thinking , saying and acting the same every time.

So, it is absolutely fine to agree to disagree. Because you are an individual brought up differently, thinks and feel differently. Its about your perspective and mine. Both can be genuine  at the same time, its not always to be right and wrong.


We cannot fit into the shoes of the other person, what is he going through, why he  said what he said, why he feels what he feels. Why did he react that way, why he misunderstood my words.

People hurt others in order to heel themselves, try to prove the other wrong and blame them for their miseries. But in fact, they themselves are the reason of their despair. Its that little brain that created those ill thoughts and multiplied it, and anticipated a volcano to burst. Whereas, the heart kept on saying to halt and think of the good times.

In this process of being right or wrong, we forget the relation we had. The vigor of proving your virtue kills the graciousness within you and you cannot revert things once done. Is being right more important than being unite ?

Since when did it became so important than the person itself ? There will always be a reaction to an action. Some could react in the same pitch as yours and some can just shun away for a while and react in no reaction.

An heated argument can settle in some while, but the one’s which are left unsaid are undone. And this is when you call a cold state which can stay as long as someone breaks the ice.

No reaction is the biggest reaction, it makes you think a lot and say none. What keeps on hovering in your mind is in nobody’s intricate vision but they can sense something is not correct. It suffocates the relation, either you try to get along or part away depending upon the past bond.

It is okay to take your time, it is okay to keep silent and not react. But don’t let yourself down in the process of being in your zone. Speak up, put you heart out. You not gonna please everyone anyways and you don’t even need to.