MOM-Be a Girl again…

When did the last time have you seen your mom giggle like a girl” – 

I saw this caption in one of the Amazon advertisement lately where a girl sent an order of a pair of skates to her mother as a gift from her in remembrance of the childhood memories they shared when they used to skate together.

The very thought of the caption made me ponder upon the fact that do our mom’s really feel the need to be like a girl ? What is that they are missing out in their lives ? It is said that along with a child’s birth, a Mother is also born. Being a mother is God’s greatest blessing.

During this time this self centered and independent girl who has just got her best gift in her laps, will do anything to ensure that her baby is fine. Be it nursing the baby to changing diapers, help the child to take the first step and her several attempts to make her baby say “MAMA” before he could say “PAPA” :P.

But in this journey of being the best mother to her child, she forgets about her aspirations, her dreams, her needs and even herself. On one hand, she is aware in some corner of her heart that may be she has missed out lot many things and she could have done a lot better with her life given the opportunity, but on the other hand even then there is some sort of contentment in her when she looks at her baby. Thats what makes her a “MOTHER”, I don’t know what kind of hormones runs through their body once they become a mother :P. It must be some chemical change in their body, otherwise it takes a hell lot of patience to bear the menace of a baby, and also manage the big baby (husband :P) at the same time.

We live as a family in the same house but many a times we forget that there lives a lady (our mother) who has worked day and night just to make our lives better and has given up on things we cannot even imagine in our entire life  which she perfectly hides in her smile. The unnoticeable sacrifices are not even counted like:

  • the last piece of cookie she leaves for you,
  • a window seat she reserves for you,
  • missing her sibling’s wedding because you were sick,
  • do not use a mixy in the kitchen because you are asleep,
  • gets up at 5 am to prepare your lunch box,
  • eat your leftovers,
  • do not turns on her favorite TV show because its your boards.
  • leaves her favorite stilettos because you wanted another toy this time etc

She has had enough now, don’t you think so? Do you think everything is fine if it continues to be the same then you should also be prepared for all this when it comes your turn. And if not, then its the time to tell your MOM to be a GIRL again. Tell her to have a “me time” where she could take time out of everything else to do whatever she wants and she does not need to explain it to anyone. Be with her when she is trying to use her first smart phone, go shopping with her and let her shop for herself, go have coffee with her in any coffee shop, do the girly things together, go for a long drive, plan a trip for her with her best girl friends and let her go.

She was a girl before she became a mother but she has never forgotten to be a GIRL. Let her be the girl she was. You would love it.

Love you MOM.